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Jamba Juice

Slurping is encouraged! With four awesome all-fruit flavors - you can’t go wrong with Jamba Juice! All four are chock-full of real fruit and vitamins and have no added sugars! Get discounted Jamba Juice with the Choicelunch Unlimited Subscription! Check it out.

Our Jamba Juice Line-up

  • Five Fruit Frenzy
  • Peach Perfection
  • Mega Mango
  • Strawberry Whirl

Available either Tuesdays & Thursdays OR Wednesdays.
*Only at participating schools.

Breakfast for Lunch

Eating Breakfast for Lunch feels so delightful doesn’t it? And a little rebellious? Choicelunch continues to expand its Breakfast for Lunch menu! This year, we’re adding pancakes, eggs and sausage to the mix! Order Now.

New Entrees

Our chefs are always making new entrees to please every palate! For the Back to School Fall menu, we’re introducing - 8 new entrees! From Turkey Club Pinwheel, Veggie and Chicken Lo-Mein Noodles (you’re gonna love ‘em) to Hummus, Veggie and Crackers, Vegan Shepherd’s Pie and so much more! Let's See.

Everyday Favorites

Your kids' favorites are now on standby, every day of the week! Choicelunch is introducing Everyday Favorites this year. Our most popular entrees are being offered daily! Check out the menu. 

Everyday Favorites Line-up
1. Chicken Tenders
2. Cheese Ravioli
3. Chicken Caesar Salad
4. Simply Turkey and Cheese Sandwich
5. Salami, Cheese, and Crackers
6. Sunbutter and Jam Sandwich
7. Bagel and Cream Cheese

Snacks + Chips!

Over the Summer, we went “snack happy!”  Along with our usual snack offerings ranging from gimMe Organics Roasted Seaweed to chocolate chip cookies (reduced sugar, whole grain), Harvest Snap Peas to Pirates Booty and so much more, we're expanding our offerings!*

We now offer 1 oz bags of Kettle Brand Chips and Sun Chips. The following flavors rotate weekly:

  • Kettle Brand Sea Salt
  • SunChips Garden Salsa
  • Kettle Brand Backyard BBQ
  • SunChips Harvest Cheddar

*Snack options vary by school. Login to see your school's offerings. 
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Unlimited Choicelunch Subscription

Want to take lunch off your list AND get a 10-20% discount? We don’t blame you! Free yourself from making lunches forever! Take advantage of this limited time opportunity to sign up for the Unlimited Choicelunch Subscription!

Tell me more!

Pancakes, Eggs
& Sausage

French Toast, Eggs
& Sausage

Egg & Cheese 
Breakfast Burrito

Variety of of great food choices, not the same thing all season.
When we saw that Choicelunch had smoothies in one of their packages, 
my son sprang up from his bed and told me to get the package!
The subscription is convenient. When I forgot lunch, Choicelunch gave my daughter an emergency lunch at no charge, plus I order large portions with no extra charge.
15 years?! We’re so proud of serving families around California for the 15th year in a row. It really is amazing . . .   
(read the letter from our CEO ).   

& Crackers

Shepard's Pie

Turkey Club 

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- Mom of 5th Grader, San Diego
- Mom of 7th Grader, Milpitas
Mom of 6th Grader, San Jose
Choicelunch provides nutritional lunches for many students daily. 
My daughter loves the lunches they serve and requests them quite often.
- Mom of 8th Grader, Tustin